Meet our Team

Meet Our Leadership and Support Staff  Team

Our administrative and support staff is committed to ensuring the finest education possible for your children. From providing expert tools and strategies to teaching materials and parent support, our leadership team is dedicated to making sure that you have what you need to deliver a well-rounded, enriching education to your children. Here are some of the people who maintain our high standards of education.

Steven Hoff, Head of School

Steve Hoff

Mr. Hoff has been with K12 since 2010, and the Head of School at IAVA since it opened in 2012. Mr. Hoff brings a wealth of expertise with his past experiences in education. Mr. Hoff is originally from Minnesota, but has now called Iowa "home" since 2012. Mr. Hoff holds a Bachelors degree from Concordia College in Moorhead, MN and a Masters in Educational Leadership from Viterbo University in La Crosse, WI. Mr. Hoff enjoys spending time with his wife, son and daughter, along with hunting, fishing, being a river rat, and really just being outdoors. Mr. Hoff is an avid MN. Vikings fan! Mr. Hoff enjoys the interaction with his students and staff. Mr. Hoff loves proving that socialization happens in the online environment!

Amanda Brezina, Academic Administrator

Amanda Brezina

Amanda began her position as IAVA Academic Administrator in 2019.  She was previously the Family Academic Support Liaison at IAVA for three years. Prior to that, Amanda taught music for the school for many years. Amanda was also a learning coach to some of her own children, and uses that experience to help her in her role supporting students and their support system. Amanda received her undergraduate degree in education from Wartburg College, and her graduate degree in educational leadership from Drake University. Her past work experiences include everything from teaching preschool through high school, college, and even supervising and teaching the professional development for college teachers. She is passionate about education! She enjoys traveling and learning about the Unites States and other countries around the world, but also enjoys walks and jogs around her neighborhood and spending time with her family. Amanda's favorite part about online education is that it can meet the individual needs of diverse students within one school.

Judy Tepper, School Operations Manager

Judy Tepper

Judy joined the IAVA team in August of 2017. Ms. Tepper received her BA in Journalism and Mass Communications at Iowa State University. After graduation she moved to the East Coast where she worked in advertising and exhibit sales as well as customer service. After returning to Iowa she worked at the Clayton Ridge School District as a member of their library staff. She worked there for 12 years before joining IAVA. She is happy to be back in Iowa and a member of the IAVA team. The families and students are Ms. Tepper's favorite part of working at IAVA. They are all very appreciative to have this opportunity and are simply great to work with.

Luci Wulfekuhle, School Counselor

Luci Wulfekuhle

Ms. Wulfekuhle is the K-12 grade Professional School Counselor and 504 Coordinator and has been with IAVA since 2016. Luci earned her Bachelors of Science in Health, Wellness and Recreation from the University of Dubuque. Luci’s teaching certification is in K-12 Physical Education, K-12 Health Education and K-12 Athletic Coaching from Clarke University; and her Master of Science in Education is in Professional School Counseling for grades K-12 from Buena Vista University. Luci spent her first 6 years in education as a Health and Physical Education Teacher for a brick and mortar school. Luci has spent the last four years as a Professional School Counselor in the brick and mortar and virtual school setting. What she likes best about working in the online setting is the ability to support her students on a more personalized level that focuses on the students’ needs on an individual, social, emotional and educational basis.

Brenda Oldenkamp, K-5 Advisor

Brenda Oldenkamp

Ms. Oldenkamp is the K-5 Advisor for Iowa Virtual Academy and has been with IAVA since 2016. She received her undergraduate degree in English education from Northwestern College in Orange City, IA, and a master’s degree in education and a 5-12 reading endorsement from Morningside College in Sioux City, IA. Ms. Oldenkamp has worked in education for over 10 years, and one of her previous teaching experiences was teaching English in Tokyo, Japan.  Ms. Oldenkamp lives in northwest Iowa with her husband, and she enjoys spending time with her family, doing CrossFit with friends, knitting, baking, and reading. (One of her favorite authors is Jane Austen.) Her musical interests are playing the piano and playing harp. Ms. Oldenkamp is passionate about language and learning. She loves the way online learning allows students to work at their own pace, and she is eager to help students succeed in reaching their academic goals.

Meet Our Teachers

Iowa Virtual Academy (IAVA) teachers are among the best in the state for distance learning. They consider themselves partners in your children's education and are available every school day to help you and your children through any challenges you may face. Here are the highly qualified teachers you'll get to know at IAVA.

Emily Stevens, 3rd Grade Teacher

Emily Stevens

Mrs. Stevens joined the IAVA team in 2017. She brings four years of experience in education and has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Northern Iowa. She is currently studying curriculum, assessment, and STEM for her Master's degree from Adams State University. Besides teaching, Mrs. Stevens enjoys spending time with family, outdoor adventures, and reading. Her favorite part about teaching is seeing students succeed and being proud of their work. Mrs. Steven's goal as a teacher is to make learning fun and life lasting. She likes being able to deliver engaging lessons from home to students at their home.

Karen Zuercher, 6-8th Grade Teacher

Karen Zuercher

Mrs. Zuercher has been in education for 22 years. This is her 5th year with IAVA. She started in education as an early childhood associate working with students that had a variety of learning disabilities. She continued her associate assignment for another 13 years working with 8th grade students. This inspired her to continue her education and In December of 2012 Mrs. Zuercher received her teaching license from Grand Canyon University. Most of her education was done online, so she knows about the struggles and advantages of online learning. Mrs. Zuercher holds a standard K-6 teaching license with a K-8 math endorsement, K-8 reading endorsement, 5-8 Algebra for High School credit. One thing that Mrs. Zuercher likes about online teaching is getting to meet students from around the state, and planning field trips so that she can meet them in person.

Renee Mente, 9-12th Science Teacher

Renee Mente

Mrs. Mente is a secondary science teacher who joined IAVA in 2013. Renee earned her BA from the University of Iowa, and her Masters of Arts in Teaching from St. Ambrose University. She has been active in her community and church being on many committees and project planning events. Renee has endorsements in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Physical Science, General Science, and All Science. Mrs. Mente especially enjoys the small group or individual class connects because of the focused time to address those individual questions. I love those "AHA" moments where it just clicks with the students!

Patrick Beyer, 9-12th Social Studies Teacher

Patrick Beyer

Mr. Beyer joined the Iowa Virtual Academy team in 2013. He received his teaching degree from Morningside College and his master's degree from Wayne State College. He is certified to teach all the social studies curriculum in the state of Iowa. Mr. Beyer teaches 7th through 12th grade at the Iowa Virtual Academy as the main social studies teacher. Mr. Beyer believes that the online environment creates awesome opportunities for students that are seeking a more self-paced study environment and also create a safe place for students to share their own thoughts and while exploring new ideas.

Charity Moss, 9-12th Math Teacher

Charity Moss

Mrs. Moss is one of our high school mathematics teachers who joined the IAVA team in 2016. She currently resides in Boise, ID with her husband and 3 dogs. She has taught in South Carolina, Arizona, and Iowa over the past 15 years. Charity earned her bachelor’s degree in Secondary Mathematics Education from Maranatha Baptist Bible College, and a Master's Degree in Divergent Learning from Columbia College (SC). She works closely with students, parents, educators, and administrators to provide the best possible educational experience so that students become lifelong learners. She finds the student community at IAVA to be very close knit. So much so, that the students are beginning to love helping each other, which really demonstrates their knowledge of the material. It's truly incredible.

Kate Burnett, 9-12th Language Arts Teacher

Kate Burnett

Ms. Burnette is a high school English and Language Arts teacher starting her first year with Iowa Virtual Academy and K12. She was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona and moved to Iowa to play college volleyball and tennis. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Education and English from Grand View University in Des Moines, Iowa in 2012. Ms. Burnette taught 6th, 7th and 8th grade in Des Moines for four years. She took a break to enlist in the Army National Guard in 2016 and is a proud soldier! Ms. Burnette appreciates online learning because it provides a safe opportunity for students to learn who did not feel successful in an on campus setting.

Charnell Breitbach, Language Arts Teacher

Charnell Breitbach

Ms. Breitbach (aka Ms. B) joined Iowa Virtual Academy in 2013. She has been in education since 2008 and has experience in adult education, alternative education, blended learning, and online learning. She earned an AA in general education from North Iowa Area Community College, a BA in English Language and Literature, non-teaching, with minors in creative writing and professional writing from the University of Northern Iowa, a second BA in English Education from the University of Northern Iowa. She is anticipating a MA in English Language and Literature and ASC in Educational Leadership from the University of Northern Iowa. She holds certificates in English/Language Arts and Structured English Immersion. Ms. B enjoys teaching online because it is awesome to be able to work with students while they are out experiencing the world. She absolutely loves building relationships with students and families, and she loves when she is able to help students take risks academically.

Robert Hampton, Business and Technology Teacher

Robert Hampton

Robert Hampton II is a teacher that has been employed in the field of education on a full time or a part time basis every year since 2008. Mr. Hampton is certified to teach Business Education/Technologies 5-12 in Iowa and Georgia. He has been teaching with K12 since 2012 and he has earned an Associate of Science in Business Administration, a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Organizational Management and a Master of Arts in Teaching. Mr. Hampton taught middle school and high school in a brick and mortar setting from 2008-2013. Mr. Hampton loves having the opportunity to serve students through technological platforms that continually evolve and provide new opportunities to advance educational outcomes and experiences for students and teachers.

Krista Reeder, Music Teacher

Krista Reeder

Mrs. Reeder is a 7-12 Music Teacher who joined the Iowa Virtual Academy team in 2016. Mrs. Reeder earned her bachelor's degree from Waldorf University in 2007 and completed her master's coursework in 2016 from the University of St. Thomas. She has taught a variety of music concentrations since beginning her career in 2007 including 5-12 concert, marching, pep, and jazz bands, color guard, K-6 general music, 7-8th grade music and technology, and private music studio lessons. She holds K-12 classroom music, instrumental music, and vocal music licenses in both Iowa and Minnesota. In addition to her work at IAVA, Mrs. Reeder is a full-time educator at a brick and mortar in Minnesota, operates a private music lesson studio, teaches dance, and is music director and organist for her church. The traditional classroom is ever changing and evolving. Mrs. Reeder appreciates the flexibility online learning offers for family and students to continue to receive an outstanding, rigorous, and challenging education but meeting the many needs of learning and family structures that exist.

Catherine Shaughnessy, Health and Physical Education teacher

Catherine Shaughnessy

Mrs. Shaughnessy joined the IAVA team in 2014. She brings to the table over 9 years of experience in education as well as 10 plus years of coaching experience. Cathy has earned a BA in Communication from Pennsylvania State University and an MS in Education from Canisius College. She resides just outside of Buffalo, NY, and is thrilled to meet and engage with students through the virtual platform! Mrs. Shaughnessy feels that online learning provides freedom and flexibility for students to progress and navigate through the course. It allows students to review material as needed and move at a learning pace that is suitable and successful for them. She also likes the ability to interact with students on their time and in a way that is and can be comforting to all learners.